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In the wild: Victoria Brown

We're catching up with Victoria Brown, the powerhouse SoulCycle instructor and soon-to-be mom. Juggling fitness and parenthood, Victoria has discovered her go-to partner in the Caraa Baby Bag.

  1. Can you share your favorite Caraa bag and how it has become an essential part of your daily life or style?

  2. My favorite Caraa bag is the Baby Bag. I am obsessed with this bag. I feel like it's me in a bag, and it just has so many compartments and still looks so chic. The reason I was drawn to it is that both my husband and I can carry it, and we both look really cool using it.

  3. How does the Baby Bag fit into your busy lifestyle?

  4. I'm a SoulCycle instructor as well as a mom, and the Baby Bag seems perfect. It has a space for all my baby things, and there's even room for my laptop. It's like everything I need in one bag, allowing me to be a mom and still be myself.

  5. Living in a bustling city like New York, how does Caraa support your on-the-go lifestyle, and are there specific functionalities that resonate with your urban adventures?

  6. The Baby Bags are perfect for a New York City mom due to their size. They strike a balance – not too big to weigh me down, yet spacious enough to fit everything. It's like a Mary Poppins bag; I can carry everything I need without it being too heavy.

  7. Do you feel stylish wearing your Caraa? What outfit do you wear it with?

  8. Absolutely! I feel stylish because it goes with everything. The black is my favorite as it complements any outfit – I can dress it up or down. I always look put together and chic, embracing that “cool mom” vibe.

  9. Balancing style and functionality is crucial in a busy city. How do you prioritize comfort and practicality without sacrificing your personal style?

  10. Comfort is key, especially when walking around the city. I prioritize comfortable shoes because we're always on the go. The hack is to lean into basics – having a good trench coat, quality T-shirts, and statement jewelry. Elevating basics with patterns and accessories allows for a different look every day.

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