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Caraa bags are designed for any activity in your life. Explore our core caraa  collection for the classics. Have a little one? We’ve got all the pockets at caraa  baby. Busy running, flying or hiking, try caraa  sport  travel. Paw parent? Check out caraa  pet. Oh, and we just launched your favorite bags for adventures, caraa  outdoors.

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Baby Changing Mat Nylonin Clay
  • baby-changing-mat-nylon
  • baby-changing-mat-nylon-clay
  • baby-changing-mat-nylon-orchid
Baby Changing Sling Nylonin Orchid
  • baby-changing-sling-nylon
  • baby-changing-sling-nylon-clay
  • baby-changing-sling-nylon-orchid
Baby Stroller Pack Nylonin Olive
  • baby-stroller-pack-nylon
  • baby-stroller-pack-nylon-olive
  • baby-stroller-pack-nylon-clay


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If you’re hunting for a bag that keeps your life in order, holds everything you need it to, and actually looks cool, I found it.


Caraa’s super-versatile luxury sports bags are magical.

New York Magazine

Thanks to their streamlined design and convenient pockets, these bags are perfect for travel, commuting, and everyday use.

Travel + Leisure

Most breathable masks on the market.

Wall Street Journal

Fashionable, versatile, and durable bags you won't be afraid to put on the ground or fill with sweaty clothes.

Business Insider

We admit it. We’re totally obsessed with all things Caraa.


Designed for form, crafted for function.