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In the wild: Natalie Abatemarco

Meet Natalie Abatemarco, the dynamic NYC-based content creator and marketing pro. Balancing her vibrant city lifestyle and diverse side hustles, Natalie shares how her Caraa bag keeps up with her on-the-go adventures!

  1. Living in a bustling city like New York, how does Cara support your on-the-go lifestyle?

  2. When I leave my apartment for the day, I know it's going to be a long one and I probably won't make it back until later in the evening. That's why I make sure to pack snacks, a hairbrush, and makeup to keep me ready for anything the bustling streets of New York might throw my way. The Studio Tote has become my go-to bag for effortlessly carrying all these essentials and more!

  3. Are there any specific functionalities that resonate with you for your urban adventures?

  4. I love the compartments. There's this handy one, perfect for either a water bottle or, like the other day, I popped my umbrella in there. I'm totally the type who's always lugging around an umbrella, a water bottle, you name it. So, having that compartment? It's honestly such a small detail, but it really elevates my day-to-day experience. It's easily my favorite feature.

  5. Do you feel stylish wearing your Caraa?

  6. I feel so stylish. It's like that moment in 'The Devil Wears Prada' when Andy Sachs has her big fashion transformation towards the end of the movie. I'm channeling Carrie Bradshaw, embracing all the classic New York City vibes, feeling like Blair Waldorf... You know, all those iconic girls. And I absolutely love it.

  7. What outfit do you wear it with?

  8. Right now, I've paired it with a super funky power suit, which is my absolute favorite because I adore playing with bold, vibrant colors. That's why I think the black bag is fantastic—it complements any outfit I choose. Whether it's a fancy event where I'll pack an extra pair of shoes or heading to a workout class, or even to a coffee shop for some work afterward, it's incredibly functional and versatile.

  9. What advice would you give, especially to people who live in the city, about finding the right accessories to complement their lifestyle?

  10. I believe having the right bag makes all the difference, especially in New York City. Being prepared with your bag is key—whatever you think you might need, chances are you will. Whether it's an umbrella, lipstick, or a quick snack, the car bags excel at holding everything you could possibly require.

  11. How has your style evolved since moving to the city?

  12. Growing up on Long Island, my town had a similar style vibe. Then, I went to school in Miami, where the fashion scene was entirely different. It felt like an identity crisis, trying to adapt to what everyone else was wearing. But when I arrived in New York City, I had the freedom to explore various styles and truly build my own identity. Here, everyone's doing their own thing, and that's been liberating for me.

  13. How do you prioritize comfort and practicality without sacrificing your personal style?

  14. I'm still figuring this out because, well, you gotta ride the subway sometimes. Those killer high heels? Not exactly subway-friendly. That's why I'm all about a reliable tote bag for shoe changes. You'll catch me in the hotel lobby swapping out heels for Happy Hour because, hey, I refuse to sacrifice style for a night out with the girls. On the flip side, I'm also a big fan of a comfy pair of New Balance sneakers.

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