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In the wild: Allie DePinto

Meet Allie DePinto, the vibrant and stylish New Yorker who's making her mark in the social media scene. Join us as we chat with Allie about her favorite Caraa bag and how it effortlessly fits into her bustling city life.

  1. Can you share your favorite Caraa bag and how it has become an essential part of your daily life or style?

  2. My favorite Caraa bag is the Travel Kit in ivory. It has just enough space to fit everything I need while still feeling chic and small enough to not overpower any outfit I’m wearing.

  3. Living in a bustling city like New York, how does Caraa support your on-the-go lifestyle? Are there specific functionalities that resonate with your urban adventures?

  4. Whether I’m at the office, filming content, or running errands, I’m always on the go with a million different bags. The rain in NYC has been no joke lately, and it’s comforting knowing my Caraa bag is water-resistant and durable enough to be my go-to choice no matter the weather.

  5. What features of Caraa bags stand out to you the most, and how have they made an impact on your daily routine?

  6. I love how the nylon material adds a layer of shine to Caraa bags. Especially in a city where most people wear black often, it's good to lighten things up when you can!

  7. Do you feel stylish wearing your Caraa? What outfit do you wear it with?

  8. Absolutely! I think there's something really sincere about using bags that are stylish while also being incredibly practical. I can wear anything with my Caraa because the functionality of the bag allows me to be as dressed up or down as I please.

  9. Advice for Others: What advice would you give to others, especially city dwellers, about finding the right accessories to complement their lifestyle?

  10. If you’re living in a city, more often than not, you’re spending hours on end outside of your home. It’s crucial to have a bag that really allows you room for everything you may need to take on your day.

  11. Living in a vibrant city like New York, how has the urban environment influenced your personal style? Are there specific elements of city life that inspire your fashion choices?

  12. NYC moves quickly, so dressing to support that pace of life is really important. For me, it’s all about the shoes and layering. I may be in a crazy outfit, but if my feet feel stable, anything is possible!

  13. How has your style evolved since moving to the city? Have there been any notable changes or influences that shaped your fashion preferences over time?

  14. I definitely mix and match my style much more compared to when I’m in Florida, where my family lives now. New York allows you to really open your horizon to trying everything, and even if it doesn’t work, no one bats an eyelash. It’s really empowering to live in New York and to always feel encouraged to try new things.

  15. Balancing style and functionality is crucial in a busy city. How do you prioritize comfort and practicality without sacrificing your personal style? Any favorite fashion hacks for achieving this balance?

  16. Layer, layer, layer! You can always take it off, but once you’re on the go, you can’t put new things on!

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