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In the wild: Morgan Rudge

Meet Morgan Rudge, a proud dog mom and city dweller who brings vibrant style to everyday life. Explore how she incorporates her favorite Caraa bag into her colorful NYC adventures.

  1. Can you share your favorite Caraa bag and how it has become an essential part of your daily life or style?

  2. Market Tote - I love that it is a super functional grocery bag but it is chic enough to wear out and about. I love the insulated feature, so If I need to grab groceries on the way home, it is super easy.

  3. Living in a bustling city like New York, how does Caraa support your on-the-go lifestyle? Are there specific functionalities that resonate with your urban adventures?

  4. It supports it by being an all-in-one accessory. I moved to New York from a drivable city where I feel like the norm is you have multiple bags on you and it’s no big deal because you have a car. Walking everywhere in New York you really have to be intentional about what you are carrying around all day, and taking the time to find and invest in the accessory that best supports your lifestyle is so worth it.

  5. What features of Caraa bags stand out to you the most, and how have they made an impact on your daily routine?

  6. I love that the market tote is structured yet soft, it makes it super light and easy to wear no matter my coat, if I’m also carrying a coffee, etc.

  7. Do you feel stylish wearing your Caraa? What outfit do you wear it with?

  8. Yes and everything! The design of the bag truly compliments it all. I love that the personality of the bag is really in the silhouette and functionality so that it can easily transfer from outfit to outfit.

  9. Advice for others: What advice would you give to others, especially city dwellers, about finding the right accessories to complement their lifestyle?

  10. Work smarter not harder! Accessories don’t have to be mundane and serve the mere purpose of function. If you can have an accessory that is able to provide that functionality but fit more aesthetically throughout the other elements of your life, why not!?

  11. Living in a vibrant city like New York, how has the urban environment influenced your personal style? Are there specific elements of city life that inspire your fashion choices?

  12. One of the most special things about New York is that everyone cares and no one cares what you’re wearing. You can choose to blend in or try something new, and really lean into your mood and what you feel like wearing that day. Once I finally understood that no one cares about what you look like here, it gave me the courage to try different looks, experiment with color and accessories, and have more fun getting dressed than I ever have before. The biggest inspiration, though boring, is walking. I need to be able to move! So, 90% of the time you will find me in sneakers.

  13. How has your style evolved since moving to the city? Have there been any notable changes or influences that shaped your fashion preferences over time?

  14. I am more comfortable in what I like to wear. I love the excitement of new trends, and the thrill of making the trend your own in your personal style. That being said, space is also limited here- so every purchase needs to be more intentional. My new rule is if I don’t love it, it’s out. If you think it can only serve you for a trend or season, then it’s not worth it!

  15. Balancing style and functionality is crucial in a busy city. How do you prioritize comfort and practicality without sacrificing your personal style? Any favorite fashion hacks for achieving this balance?

  16. Pinterest has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Since moving to the city, I definitely use it even more when I am in an outfit rut. Having your main favorite pieces and tweaking accessories for your commute, day, or weather (insert the Caraa bag here!) has been very helpful.

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