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In the wild: Layla Taremi

Dive into the life of Layla Taremi, a vibrant city dweller navigating the streets of NYC. Discover how Caraa bags become an integral part of her bustling lifestyle in the Big Apple.

  1. What Caraa bag do you find yourself reaching for the most these days, and how does it fit seamlessly into your daily routine?

  2. My absolute favorite Caraa bag right now is the Orchid Sling. It's incredibly versatile and suits my lifestyle perfectly, whether I'm heading to the gym or off to work. It effortlessly accommodates all my essentials, from my phone to my content creating gear, and even my dog treats!

  3. Living in a bustling city like New York, how does Caraa support your on-the-go lifestyle? Are there specific functionalities that resonate with your urban adventures?

  4. What I love most about the Orchid Sling is that it’s super compact, but it's also super trendy and it can store so much inside. It's fantastic for carrying everything I need throughout the day. One of the things I appreciate most about Caraa is its versatility. I can easily transition from wearing it with workout gear to pairing it with my office attire or even dressing it up for a night out. It's incredibly versatile, and that's what makes it a staple in my wardrobe.

  5. How would you describe your personal style?

  6. I would say my style has literally been the same since I was thirteen. I always wear a big chunky heel, and I'm obsessed with platforms, so you'll always find me in a platform. As for beauty, you'll always catch me with a dramatic winged liner. Lately, though, I've been pushing myself to experiment with more natural looks, stepping out of my comfort zone. Overall, my style is edgy, chic, and comfortable, although I'm making an effort to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, as I tend to gravitate towards black.

  7. What advice would you offer to others, especially those navigating city life, on selecting accessories that complement their lifestyle?

  8. My top tip for city dwellers, particularly in New York City, is to prioritize both style and comfort when choosing accessories. Opt for trendy pieces that also prioritize comfort—whether it's a pair of stylish yet comfortable shoes or a functional bag that can carry you from a meeting to dinner seamlessly. So if you're walking around all day or running to catch a cab, you're good to go! Accessibility and functionality are key when it comes to urban accessories.

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