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In the wild: Justine Vilgrain + Patricia Gloum

Justine Vilgrain + Patricia Gloum are innovative powerhouses.

Co-Founders of the creative studio Braw Haus, they specialize in digital art integration and experimental video. Venture into the wild with Justine and her Sling Medium in Blush and Patricia and her Studio Bag Large in Gold Hardware.

  1. Braw Haus is such a fantastic concept – how did you two meet and dream it up?

  2. (Justine) We Are both from Greek and each of our families have houses on the same small island. This is were we first met. The funny thing is the second time we met. After 4 years we bumped into each other in Union Square and this is when we started to become friends. Patricia then came to me with the idea of creating a freelancer-based creative platform. This is when Braw was created. We were doing a lot of different mediums at the start and finally now we have narrowed it down to 2: video and digital art.

    (Patricia) That is a very nice anecdote we like to tell. How we met in one of the tiniest greek island to re-encounter one other in the biggest city. Another anecdote to tell is where the name of Braw comes from. It is the feminine version of “Brotherhood” / “bro”.

  3. What is your goal with Braw Haus? How would you like it to ultimately grow?

  4. (Justine) I think our goal if to push digital art more, to have it more distinguished as an Art movement rather than as an animation. We want to elevate this medium by showing people how wonderful it could be use and how it can completely change a room. (Patricia) And for the video side, we want to continue making wonderful meaningful content with the community we are building between filmmakers, as well as making bigger and greater commercials.

  5. Tell us a little bit about digital curation as an art form.

  6. (Justine) Digital curation stands exactly as art curation, we have client that come to us explaining their vision of their event or for example their hotel lobby, as curator we will be looking at what artist and art will fit best in the environment. Usually there are multiple artists involve so it’s the idea to find perfect matches between the artists as well as the client.

  7. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

  8. (Justine) I think it's to be able to do what we want do too. The luxury to be able to work any time of the day from any place in the world. (Patricia) Making content people will respond to, that will somehow touch them.

  9. Where do you find inspiration? Are there any particular movies or pieces that have a heavy influence in your visual language?

  10. (Justine) I don’t think that there is anything specific, I believe that my inspiration could come even when looking at a carrot. (Patricia) The world, people that surround me. I nonetheless love the work of Dirk Koy. One of the artists we featured on Braw. He explores the interaction between the physical and the digital world in a fun way.

  11. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead from any period in history.. who would it be and why?

  12. (Justine) If I could have diner with one person it will be Lord Buddha, the spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism. I would love to talk to him about how could we get our today world a little more spiritual and calm.

    (Patricia) I would love to have dinner with Victor Jara. The lyrics in his music touched me deeply.

  13. 5 things that are always in your bag?

  14. (Justine) Well I don’t know if I should be 100% honest but I will, as a smoker I do for sure always have a lighter and a pack of cigarette in my bag. As well as the usually wallet key, phone but something interesting might be a little perfume, hard drive, adapter, and water bottle. (Patricia) A hard drive, my computer, some jewelry, my yoga clothes, a face serum, some black eyeliner.

  15. How do you unwind after a long shoot?

  16. (Justine) After a long shoot, sometime we will go out with the crew to get a drink and really chill out. But usually shoot finish very late so direct to bed. (Patricia) Celebrating a bit for sure if we can :) . We love gathering people.

  17. How would you describe your aesthetic and style?

  18. (Justine) I am still looking for my own style as a director but for now I would say that I like to focus my work on sustainability and social justice. Those are subject that I am interested in developing, but those are as well subject that I like to implement in my work. (Patricia) I am an experimental cat that likes tackling different topics. Exploring how far can I go.

  19. What Caraa bag is your go-to and why?

  20. (Justine) I have the Sling Medium and It has changed my way of moving around the city. I never want to live my house with a bag that is full and heavy, but with the Caraa bag it doesn’t feel full or heavy so I can live my house on Saturday morning and put in it clothing and make up for Saturday night with out looking like I am going on a week end when living my house in the morning. It is so easy to have it around and there is so much pocket and space. (Patricia) The Studio Bag Large in Gold Hardware. It’s very comfortable and carries all my necessities all day long.

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