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In the wild: Jill Manoff

Jill Manoff is vivacious. Editor In Chief of Glossy Media, she is fully in-the-know about all things fashion + beauty. Go in the wild with Jill at the Glossy offices with her Studio Tote Large Nylon Gold Hardware.

  1. Tell us a little about Glossy.

  2. Glossy is an online publication covering the evolution of fashion and beauty through the lens of business and technology. We feature about five original, reported stories a day on glossy.co, plus we have two podcasts, one focused on fashion and one on beauty. We also host regular events, from intimate leaders' dinners to three-day summits. We definitely have Glossy superfans, and these events are awesome for connecting with and building our community. We launched in May 2016, spinning off from our sister site, Digiday, which focuses on the evolution of media and marketing. Glossy has a small, but growing editorial team of six that I lead. I've been with Glossy since November 2016, and I'm truly proud of our growth and all we've accomplished.

  3. What's been the proudest moment of your career?

  4. I don't know that I have one standout moment, but there have been many moments while working at Glossy when I've felt very proud -- like at our events, when I look at a full room of engaged people, and at the end of every year, when we take a closer look at Glossy's growth. I'm also proud when someone I admire tells me they're a Glossy reader. I know how hard my team works, and I'm proud of what we're building together.

  5. What's your definition of success?

  6. Getting to do what you love every single day, which I definitely do. I've never had a long-term plan, I've just followed my passions, and it's worked out!

  7. What podcast are you listening to at the moment?

  8. The Glossy Beauty Podcast! It's hosted by our executive editor, Priya Rao. I learn something every time I listen. For a fun one, listen to Jackie Aina's episode. To be inspired, check out Priya's interview with Clark's Botanicals founder Francesco Clark.

  9. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead from any period in history.. who would it be and why?

  10. My family! Because I only see them for two weeks out of the year, and it's just not enough.

  11. What does self-care look like to you?

  12. Saturday is my self-care day. I'm somewhat work-obsessed, but I'm getting better; I used to work every single day, but now I turn off on Saturday. I go to the gym, I go to Central Park, I go shopping and I just wander the city. It's just doing what I feel like doing, versus being on a schedule, and letting my mind decompress. Don't mess with my Saturday! :)

  13. 5 things that are always in your bag?

  14. 1. My laptop — I'm always wrapping up the to-dos of the day in the evening, for better or worse. 2. My glasses — I'm near-sighted, but glasses and contacts make me feel claustrophobic, so I've always just walked around squinting. But I made myself buy a cute pair of glasses, and now I'm making myself wear them. Sometimes. 3. Lipgloss — Our beauty team gets their hands on many beauty products and they know I'm a sucker for a good lipgloss, so I get first dibs. I've got a good collection going -- all of my favorites are pink. 4. Business cards — I'm old school, always collecting and distributing business cards -- especially at our events. Plus, props to the Digiday design team -- Glossy's cards are too cute not to share. 5. Headphones — Essential for running after work and listening to podcasts on my commute. I listen to music in weird phases: Kanye for a month, Taylor for a month, Marilyn Manson... :)

  15. Where or when do you feel most empowered?

  16. When I'm most prepared. I'm hard on myself; I hate doing anything shy of to the best of my ability. So, when it comes to leading a big meeting or hosting an event, I get ready: I'll make an agenda, I'll set up pre-meetings, I'll study-up. When I do the work, I know I'm going in at my best and I feel confident. ”

  17. How would you describe your style?

  18. I am very much a fan of fashion, and I like to change it up. Sometimes it's masculine, sometimes it's glam. I've always loved a great blazer and a great suit, and lately I've been doing more color and statement pieces. It's fun!

  19. How does your Caraa bag transition with you between all of your busy days?

  20. Call me high-maintenance -- I carry a lot of stuff with me, always. I go through my checklist when I leave the house: work, phone, beauty, wallet, gym clothes. My Caraa bag fits everything, letting me go from work to event to workout. It's black, and black always works.