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In the wild: Christi Marraccini

Christi Marraccini is a motivator. A trainer at Tone House, she spends her down time in Westchester visiting family or with her fiancé near home in the West Village. Go in the wild with Christi in the West Village and her Studio 2 Large in Gold Hardware.

  1. What's your mantra?

  2. "Don't confuse efforts with results" – it's something my dad would always say to my sisters and me growing up.

  3. What do you pack in your Caraa bag?

  4. Everything and anything ... it's my Mary Poppins bag. I have everything from my laptop to extra socks to a lacrosse ball for emergency rolling sessions.

  5. Where are you at noon on a Sunday?

  6. Hopefully in Westchester, NY with my family! My family is my support system and very important to me.

  7. Favorite long weekend getaway?

  8. New York for a 'staycation' – I love the times when I can enjoy the city with family and friends!

  9. Best coffee in New York City?

  10. Sweet Corner Bakeshop in the West Village.

  11. Favorite weekend getaway?

  12. North Fork, Springs, NY, and anywhere upstate! Shelter Island is also magical.

  13. What's your signature motivation call to push your students to go the extra mile?

  14. "You finish as strong as you started!"

  15. Do you believe in cheat days?

  16. I believe that how you eat should be part of your lifestyle and sustainable – not a fad or a diet. If you want something, treat yourself; just remember everything in moderation.

  17. What's your best advice on exercise + health?

  18. Find an exercise program you love. If you don't enjoy it, you're not going to want to do it.

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